Saturday, August 15, 2009

Executive Product Manager, McGraw-Hill Online Learning, MH Learning Solutions, Indianapolis, IN- October 05- present

Long title...I'm also on the books as Sponsoring Editor for Online Courses for McGraw-Hill Higher Education. The courses have won three awards! The gist of it is that I was what my boss called the "lynchpin" in a startup operation that delivered over 125 online courses in 2006-2008 plus over 200 custom deliveries by July 08, and did several million dollars in sales in 2009. Starting from scratch. I was in charge of the instructional design processes the courses, including participating in developing the processes in a senior role.

Most recently I have been working with the Learning Solutions group in designing new curricula, presenting at Educational Technology related conferences, researching, and creating a portal for curriculum development ventures. For references, contact me directly...